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OCP Accreditation: 302047



Empower your legs with compression

Simpson’s Pharmacy is Niagara’s leader in supply of compression socks and stockings both over the counter and prescription strength medical compression.

With many certified compression fitters on staff, Simpson’s can visit you in your own home to measure for medical strength compression or join us in-store to see our wide range of designs and colours for over the counter compression and flight socks.

People who benefit from graduated compression include those who:

  • stand or sit for long periods of time daily
  • have been prescribed anticoagulants
  • travel
  • are pregnant
  • have had a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • experience swelling in their legs and feet
  • have varicose and/or spider veins

Many third party insurance companies cover compression as part of your medical benefits so talk to us today about your compression needs  905 468 2121.

                     Sigvaris Argyle compression socks                       Sigvaris Performace Sleeves                                     Microfibre compression socks

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