***Fourth doses now availalble for 60+ and other specified populations***

Certain individuals are eligible to receive a fourth dose (booster) of the COVID-19 vaccine. You can receive a fourth dose (booster) three months (84 days) after your third dose if you are a resident of a:

  • long-term care home
  • retirement homes
  • elder care lodge
  • other congregate setting that provide assisted-living and health services to older adults
  • 60+ are eligible after 140 days (ie 5 months) from your 3rd dose.  You can also provide consent to receive a 4th after 84 days if you choose.

Dose 3/4 waiting list Pfizer (Virgil)

Dose 3/4 waiting list Moderna (Apothecary)

Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine (Ages 5-11)

Sign up for the waitlist using the link below.

Virgil: simpsonspharmacy.medmeapp.com/schedule/36

Dose 2 Waitlist (Virgil): 


All children aged five to 11 are now eligible to receive the paediatric vaccine. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommends an interval of eight weeks between first and second dose to provide the strongest possible protection against 


For SECOND doses:

Dose 2 waiting list PFIZER (Virgil)


For FIRST doses:

Dose 1 waiting list PFIZER (Virgil)


You can find additional up to date information regarding vaccines and eligibility, specific to Ontario, here: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/covid-19-vaccines-ontario