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An ideal arch of the brows gives the face ideal proportions and offers a natural lifting effect. There is only one rule that counts to find the best shape for the customers' brows: THE GOLDEN RATIO

The unique andmetics professional BROW wax strips will perfect any eyebrow in the world in only 2 minutes. The secret of the patented strips: find the golden ratio with the help of cold wax! Cold wax is not only better tolerated and more pleasant than warm wax or plucking individual hairs, the application is also less expensive and quicker than conventional methods. In just 2 minutes the customer will get the perfect wowBROWs.

The hair removal is extremely effective: the hairs are removed to the root & only grow back silky soft up to 4 weeks later. You - and your customers in particular - will be astonished how easy & fast brow styling gets. andmetics professional brow wax strips have marking points for easy positioning. The strips can also be used as a coloring template. Therefore, this product provides the perfect 2-in-1 benefit.

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