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We help with oral wounds – Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse is an effective and medicated oral wound cleanser that helps:
•  treat gingivitis, canker sores, denture and orthodontic irritation, tooth extraction and other minor wounds and mouth irritations
•  cleanse minor wounds and minor gum inflammation resulting from dental procedures, dental appliances and accidental injury
•  remove oral secretions associated with sore mouth symptoms

More than a mouthwash - Amosan is a medicated antiseptic rinse with antimicrobial properties that helps treat and cleanse minor irritations and inflammation of the mouth and gums.  For more than 75 years, Sodium Perborate, the active ingredient in Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse, has been trusted by consumers, dentists, doctors and pharmacists to treat minor oral wounds. 

Cringe-free flavor - With a mild minty effervescent flavour, Amosan is a gentle oral antiseptic that helps treat minor mouth irritations. 

Travel-friendly convenience - Amosan is packaged as a powder in individual, easy-to-open stick packs. The active medicinal ingredient in Amosan is not activated until you add water. Use at home or on the go, without adding unnecessary weight to your luggage.

No alcohol, ethanol or artificial colors - Amosan is both alcohol and ethanol-free and contains no artificial colours.

Paraben-Free - Amosan does not contain any parabens!

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