ENZYMEDICA - GlutenEase With DPP-IV Activity

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GlutenEase has been formulated with a specialized Protease Thera-blend™ in combination with a new enzyme DPP-IV. This new formula supports those suffering with gluten or casein intolerance.

 Gluten intolerance results when there is difficulty in breaking down specific amino acid links (called peptides) in the gluten molecules. This gluten intolerance can lead to intestinal inflammation and a number of disorders including Leaky Gut or other syndromes.

GlutenEase™ offers those suffering with such intolerances assistance in digestion and assimilation of the offending proteins. Proteases high in DPP-IV activity assist in normalizing inflammatory response to the gluten peptide, thus better digesting and utilizing gluten containing foods. This proactively supports the gut, allowing proteins to be properly broken down and absorbed in their digested state; broadening the potential food groups a person may eat. GlutenEase may also be used by those who wish to remain on the GFCF diet to ensure complete breakdown of proteins safe and effectively.

1 capsule with each meal containing gluten or casein. More may be taken as needed.

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