Hydralyte Clinical Hydration Orange Flavour - 20 Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets

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  • Feel Better Faster: Each tube contains 20 clinically balanced electrolyte tablets to help the body’s cells rapidly absorb fluids for rehydration; Mix 2 caffeine free tablets in 7 ounce of water for a rehydrating hypotonic electrolyte drink
  • Great for People on the Go: Easily mix up a refreshing, effervescent, rehydrating electrolyte drink that leaves you feeling energized; Add to your TSA friendly travel first aid kit to address jetlag, traveler's diarrhea & other common travel illnesses
  • Perfect Hydration Solution for Active People: With 75 percent less sugar and 4X more electrolytes than leading sports drinks, Hydralyte can improve your post performance recovery from yoga, barre, cycling, hiking, crossfit, boxing and gym workouts
  • Quickly Restore Hydration: Dehydration can be caused by fluid loss due to vomiting, diarrhea, night sweats, taking a prescription diuretic, or consuming alcohol; The balance of fluids and electrolytes in Hydralyte provides rapid and effective rehydration
  • Clinical Advantage: Hydralyte is made with the ideal balance of glucose & electrolytes for rapid rehydration; Our powders, tablets, & drinks are great for post workout, stomach bug, or travel recovery

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