Rub A535 Injury Ice to Heat Dual Action Pain Relief Cream - 100g

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Rub-A535 Injury Pain Relieving Ice to Heat Cream lets you take control of your pain from injuries. This dual action cream is cool on contact to help ease pain, then warms to relax it away. Simply rub the cream onto skin for deep-penetrating relief from muscle and joint related injuries, strains, and sprains. This topical analgesic is fast and effective, so you can spend less time in pain and more time enjoying life. Easily apply Rub-A535 whenever pain strikes; it conveniently fits in your bag and is easy to apply on the go. Proudly manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, RUB-A535 has been helping Canadians manage their pain for over 90 years.


  • Rub-A535 Muscle & Joint Heat Cream relieves stiff and sore muscles and joint pain
  • Cool on contact to ease pain, then warms to relax it away
  • Topical analgesic is designed to relieve pain quickly
  • Fast-acting and deep-penetrating formula  Rub onto skin for on-contact cooling & warming relief

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