Similson Allergy Eye Relief Drops - 10mL

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  • No harsh vasoconstrictors or antihistamines
  • No known side effects

Allergy eye drops you can use as often as needed without the risk of side effects. Formulated with natural active ingredients used for over 200 years.

Allergies in full bloom? We all want our eyes to feel better during allergy season, but many allergy sufferers are concerned about the chemicals found in allergy eye drops. Traditional over-the-counter allergy drops use chemicals such as vasoconstrictors to mask symptoms. Vasoconstrictors may actually worsen the symptoms if used more than directed (usually 4 times a day maximum). Similasan of Switzerland works differently, by using natural botanical extracts used for over 200 years to stimulate the body's natural defences and target the root cause, so you can feel better without harsh chemicals. Go ahead, use as often as needed.

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