Thermo Skin Temperature Tracker Smart Wristband - One Size - Black

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As the world fights for recovery from the affects of COVID-19 it is important that as many of us as can, take precautions to insure we all stay safe from exposure to fevers and viruses.

Healthcare facilities, businesses and schools for example can use the Thermo smartwatch along with our wireless Gateway in order to view the skin temperature of staff, patients or students on a network connected monitor or Smart TV displaying our *IoT Front End Interface. A single Gateway can monitor the skin temperature of dozens of Thermo wearers.

Thermo smartwatch has been specifically designed to assist individuals, businesses, healthcare facilities and schools in managing the risk of people with fevers exposing others to viruses or infection. Using a high precision temperature sensor the Thermo smartwatch automatically detects a wearers skin temperature throughout the day or on demand as required, within +/- 0.5°C (+/- 0.1°C in lab testing,). The data is then recorded on the wearers free mobile device APP or if the wearer is in a healthcare, business or school setting the data of an unlimited number of wearers can be captured, stored to the Cloud and accessed while used in conjunction with MedTech's wireless Gateway and viewed on a networked computer or Smart TV running our Front End Interface.
Thermo further provides in-depth activities tracking info and can supply the wearer with sedentary alerts throughout the day as a form of motivation to stay active. The Thermo Smart Wristband features include: 
  • Temperature tracking
  • Pill Reminder
  • Wake up alarm
  • Steps taken 
  • Idle alert
  • Distance travelled
  • Light calories burned
  • Aerobic calories burned
  • Email, text, phone call alerts
  • Sleep analysis 

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