Trainers Choice Kinetic Panel Patellar Strap

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  • KNEE PATELLA STRAP: Recommended by Doctors, Trainers Choice knee Patella Tendon Strap helps with Patellar Tendonitis, Jumper’s Knee, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, Runner’s knee
  • EXPERT DESIGN: Expertise from the Canadian Trainers Choice Sports Medicine Complex and the client experience has been leveraged in the design of this Patella Tendon Strap. It has a shock absorbing foam buttress and two adjustable compression straps. Providing compression on the foam buttress helps reduce shock and vibrations on the patellar tendon for relief of tendinopathy. It features Kinetic Paneling which incorporates the benefits of kinesiology tape for maximum knee support and pain relief
  • MADE FROM LATEX-FREE MATERIAL: Our knee patella strap is made with quality engineered Comfortex base material, specially designed with 4 way stretch material to maintain compression, reinforced stitching and perforated for breathability
  • VERSATILE: Use the knee support brace while on the go and whenever needed. Ideal for Runners Knee, jumpers knee or while enjoying many other activities

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