Vicks Sinus Inhaler

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Vicks Sinus Inhaler helps provide symptomatic relief from cough and congestion caused by colds, seasonal allergies, and sinusitis. Soothing steam targets the nose, mouth and throat to help naturally alleviate congestion, dryness and irritation.

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*Steam Inhalation Helps:
- Penetrate nasal, sinus and throat passages with natural, non-medicated therapy
- Promote drainage of mucus to keep nasal passages clear
- Hydrate and moisturize air passages to ease nasal and throat discomfort
- Relieve facial pressure
*Easy to Use
- Works with tap water
- Adjustable Steam Control
*Soft flexible mask
*Two scent pad slots, for maximum therapy with menthol scent
*Use with Vicks VapoPads® for soothing menthol scent (Sample Pad Included)

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