Webber Naturals Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil EPA/DHA 200mg - 220 Softgels

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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil from Webber Naturals contains 100% wild-sourced salmon from the pristine waters of Alaska. Utmost care is taken in manufacturing to preserve the naturally occurring astaxanthin and vitamin D. The omega-3 fatty acids in Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil support cardiovascular health and brain function. Our clear enteric softgels ensure optimal delivery and guarantee no fishy aftertaste.

  • Made from 100% wild Alaskan Salmon, not from farmed salmon
  • Beneficial for heart, brain, skin, eye, joint, and immune health
  • Supplies EPA and DHA in their naturally occurring ratio
  • Contains naturally occurring astaxanthin and vitamin D
  • Certified by International Verified Omega-3 (IVO™) for purity, potency, and global sustainability
  • Clear enteric softgel technology enhances absorption and prevents fishy aftertaste

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